Overall, I actually simulate this microwave oven. I think it is a perfect addition to my workplace and it will remain there. Nevertheless, this is a rather compact microwave and as such may not be appropriate to big families. Pay very close attention to the size if you are interested in this model. See how it determines up to microwave ovens you have utilized in the past. Some individuals love a smaller sized unit because it does not use up as much counter space. Many compact microwave have a low-cost feel to them; this design does not. So if a small unit is exactly what you need, this might be the right option for you.

The design I pick, Nostalgia RMO-400RED, is the red variation. This was based purely on personal preference. All the Nostalgia Electrics models are similar in all things other than for the color. So consider this an evaluation of any of the 4 designs used by Nostalgia Electrics. The 4 colors offered at this time are black, red, pale blue and white. The first three options expense about $120; the white model expenses more at this time.

I love lovely, special things, particularly those that are classic or retro. I absolutely enjoy the recent trend towards designing devices to look like they were made in the 1950s. The particular design is described as mid-century modern-day, a design style that concentrates on smooth, futuristic looking shapes. Circles and rounded accents were utilized frequently and included chrome was constantly a plus. This is where Nostalgia Electrics took its design motivation from when making its new line of microwave ovens. I had to know if are these new devices are all looks or if they provide all the modern benefits we have actually pertained to anticipate in a good microwave. I chose to try the Nostalgia Electrics RMO-400RED for a duration of four weeks so that I could write an evaluation for anyone interested in this microwave.

I started out by making popcorn. The unit was peaceful and popped the popcorn completely. There were extremely couple of unpopped kernels and no charred ones. This design is 800 watts; less than I am accustomed to. Due to the fact that of this, it did take a bit longer to finish the popcorn, however I think I can wait an extra 40 seconds for my snack.

I excitedly unloaded my new Nostalgia Electrics microwave. Initially, I should say that this microwave is definitely beautiful, much more so than I got out of the pictures. The shiny red finish is beautiful. The chrome accents shimmer. The handle has a solid, well-constructed feel to it. I personally choose a manage to a push-button door opener. I think it provides a more high-end feel as well as leads to less problems with malfunctioning down the road. The old-fashioned dial feels sturdy and not cheap at all.

Everybody in my workplace liked this microwave oven. The size and power are best for individual lunches and heating water for drinks, which are the 2 things done usually when it concerns cooking in our workplace. There had actually been a larger model there originally; this unit maximized some counter space, which all of us appreciated.

I discovered the controls to be intuitive and really simple to use. I in fact find them faster and easier to utilize than the modern looking keypad controls found on the majority of models. The most significant disadvantage to this model that I observed throughout the evaluation period is its small size. One thing I frequently use my microwave oven for is defrosting big pieces of frozen meat, such as an entire chicken. There simply isn’t enough room for that in this design. I likewise discovered it to be too little for big household sized casseroles that I usually keep pre-made in the freezer for a ready-to-go dinner. Because of this, I moved the Nostalgia Electrics microwave oven from my house to my workplace midway through the evaluation period.

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